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Chitosan:  Chitosan is a substance Poly San polysaccharide. (Polysaccharide) of chitin (Chitin) Chitin is a source of fiber as well as many molecules as a result of catching it (Fats) or fat (Lipids) in the gastrointestinal tract as well. The fat is not absorbed Into the bloodstream It is useful for people who want to control blood cholesterol levels. And those in the weight control program.

Psyllium Husk Powder  King William’s Assumption has resulted in reducing the weight of William Hunt Post to water absorption in the intestinal tract. Of fiber To increase the volume in the stomach and intestinal cleansing. Aids digestion Toxins in the gut And reduce the level of chlorate in Cholesterol and blood sugar.


Fructooligosaccharide Fructo-Oligosaccharides  Or initials FOS is a type of sugar that is recognized by many countries that have health benefits. A medical report Supporting over 200 patents and is recognized by the FDA of the United States, Japan and the EU over 20 years, helps to increase the microbial species grew better light metal reduces constipation. Reduce the risk of colon cancer. Helps strengthen immune resistance to that disease in the digestive tract. The impact on the digestive system better. FOS stimulates the growth and activity of bacteria built a condominium. (Bifidobacteria) and lactose Basil Lima. (Lactobacilli) can be classified as a prebiotic FOS supplementation of one gram a day can increase the amount. Big Fish Studio bacteria 6-7, as research has shown that 8 grams per day FOS added Big Fish Studio bacteria 10-1000 times.


Beta Glucan from Oat: Reduce cholesterol levels sterol. And prevent heart disease Is to have good nutrition By focusing on the consumption of cereals rich in thoughtful nutritional value. And soluble fiber. The oats are fed to the Food and Drug Administration. Recommend eating regularly To reduce cholesterol levels sterol. And reduce the risk of heart disease.


Pineapple Powder: The nutrients that are beneficial to the body types. Passenger foods with a lot of vitamin C, manganese is Manganese helps in the growth of the body. And controls the activities of various kinds, including protein metabolism carbo intake Andretti and fat into energy, vitamin C helps the body’s immune system and fight free radicals.


Strawberry Powder: Vitamin C and Vitamin A helps your skin radiant and healthy, iron, calcium, helps repair parts. The wear and tear of the body Digestive Care Help the blood system and heart work more efficiently.


Rasberry Powder: The fruit is rich with Aแ benefits. The powerful antioxidants. Anti-caused diseases such as some cancers. Alzheimer’s or amnesia. And help strengthen the immune system in the body. Properties in relief with cystitis.

Blueberry Powder: Blueberries help in sight. Prevention of cataract eye Infections in the urinary tract. And lower blood sugar Strengthening of small blood vessels aging.

Bilberry Powder: Eyes Enabling better visibility in the dark. And diarrhea nausea Conditions have indigestion Can reduce pain, pain due to varicose veins. Due to such Caused by the degeneration of cells And reduce degeneration of skin cells. That causes black spots on the skin.

Spinach Powder: Spinach contains plenty of nutrients Whether vitamin A, folate, beta-carotene, vitamin C, iron, calcium and fiber in the Henan spinach.


Guar Gum powder:  Gum is one of a kind Galactomannan Derived from the seeds of Guar cyamopsis Tetragonloba is dispersed in cold water. A viscous solution This will increase the viscosity. You can have a quick uptake The high viscosity and fluid absorbs water in the stomach. Reduce hunger

Alfalfa Extract: Helps eliminate toxins from the blood. And internal organs Reduce waste residue on the skin. Blood cleaner and better circulation. When the blood flow better Makes skin healthy



Apple Extract: Fiber rich in fiber reduces cholesterol levels cordial sterol pressure control blood sugar. Reduce the craving symptoms The activation of antioxidant. And kill virus


Wheat Grass:  Rich variety of nutrients with chlorophyll, minerals, amino acids and vitamin C helps to eliminate toxic residue from the body. Prevent Cancer Enhancing energy Keeps the body healthy It also can balance the body.